Project Uprising Server Systems
Highly advanced Garry's Mod development workflow systems
What is it?

In order to support a quickly expanding CWRP server, I adminstered a highly performant dedicated server rented in Germany in order to handle all of Project Uprising's services. I designed and now maintain systems here to support an infinitely large development team, thanks to source control tools and CI tools not saw before in a Garry's Mod server.

Seen above is on-premises sentry error tracking, where all Garry's Mod Lua errors would be automatically tracked and can be resolved easily by the development team.

I developed custom workflow scripts and utilised GitLab for source control, and set up a development version of our main servers - with a repository for each server and branches to control versions, we achieved very simple development. All that is needed to get to work on our servers is to clone a repository, and commit - then merging it with the live server will automatically handle the deployment of server updates without us having to touch a server console.

In order to maintain quality, I used custom automatic static code analysis to ensure our code had no issues before it was pushed into our production main servers.

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